Powerful Visualization Techniques To Improve Your Manifesting Power


Are you struggling with visualizing what you want? Does your mind race in circles while the only thing you see in your mind is the back of your eyelids? Try these powerful visualization techniques to not only strengthen your ability to manifest whatever you desire but also improve your focus, concentration and master control of your own mind.

What is Visualization?

Visualization is the process of picturing or imagining things in your mind’s eye. It’s an essential part of the Law of Attraction and is used to manifest your desires. By visualizing what you want, you are able to attract it into your life.

Everyone can visualize. Many people who think they can’t are actually thinking so fast that the images pass through their minds without them noticing it.

If this sounds like you, here’s a quick technique to try.

Relax for a few minutes and allow your mind to wander. Don’t attach to any specific thoughts; just notice them as they go by. Many of them will be images, possibly vague and half-formed, but still images.

For example, think of what you ate for breakfast (or lunch). For a split second, your mind flashed onto an image of your meal so that you could remember what it was that you ate. That’s visualization.

Most people do not visualize in full color, sharp, clear, photographic images unless they have trained their mind to do so by practicing visualization techniques.

Two Types of Mental Images

Two types of mental images are used in visualization. These are remembered images and imagined images.

A remembered image is something that you have seen or experienced – like the lunch example from above. Your mind simply looks through your memory banks and brings to mind the image you are looking for. It may have been something you saw just a moment ago or something from years past.

An imagined image is an image you create in your own mind. For example, think of a bright green cat with wings wearing a hat. Your mind takes familiar images and re-creates them to imagine something new.

Both types of mental images are useful for visualization though one may be easier for you to create than the other.

powerful visualization techniques

Powerful Visualization Techniques

First, turn off all distractions. These powerful visualization techniques require focus and concentration to master them.

Choose a physical object to work with. Find an item that you like that is small enough for you to comfortably hold it in your hand. It can be any object, but something interesting with bright colors works best.

Step 1

Take a moment to relax and clear your mind.

Look at the object closely as if you have never seen it before. Notice the shape of it, the color and the size. Pay attention to any small details. It may help to imagine taking a mental photograph of the object.

Close your eyes and remember what it looks like. See it in your mind’s eye. At first, it may be blurry or fade quickly. You may not remember very many details. Just relax and notice what you do remember. This is your starting point.

Open your eyes and look at the object again. Notice any details you may have missed. Then close your eyes and reconstruct the image again, this time adding the extra details.

Practice this until you can look at an object, close your eyes and be able to see the object clearly in your mind for at least 30-60 seconds.

Step 2

Pick up the object and hold it in your hand. Notice the weight of the object. Is it warm or cold? Is the surface smooth or rough? Turn it to a slightly different angle and examine it closely.

While still holding the object, close your eyes. Visualize the item that you are holding in your hand. Notice how you can visualize the object in your hand even with your eyes closed.

You know that you are holding the object. Notice how the weight of the object in your hand does not change when you close your eyes. You can feel it’s weight and feel its surface against the palm of your hand. You can feel the muscles in your hand and arm holding the object. Remember this feeling.

Now put the object down. In your mind, visualize yourself holding the object. Feel the weight in your hand and the feel of your muscles supporting it.

Practice this until you can visualize both the image of yourself holding the object and the sensation of the object in your hand. You are recreating both the visual memory and the physical memory of it. Practice this until you can recreate it for at least 1-2 minutes.

Step 3

Pick up the item, look at it and put it back down. Pay close attention to the physical mechanics involved. Notice how your arm, wrist and fingers move. Notice any changes in light and shadow as you move. Notice any sounds or sensations.

Close your eyes and replay the actions in your mind. It may help to close your eyes and visualize the process as you pick up the object and put it down.

Once you are able to visualize it clearly while performing the actions, replay the sequence in your mind while sitting still. Make it as real as possible until it feels as if you are actually handling the object.

Step 4

This time, sit still and keep your eyes open. Now visualize picking up the object and putting it down. Strange feeling, isn’t it? It’s a little brain-bending at first but provides an interesting shift in perception.

powerful visualization techniques

Does this only work with remembered images?

While we have been working with physical objects and remembered images, you can also do these exercises with imagined objects.  From our green cat with wings and a hat example to problem-solving applications such as designing new tools and inventions, imagined images demonstrate the true power of visualization.

Many artists and craftspeople, including builders and engineers, use this instinctively to help them translate their ideas into physical creations. This is similar to what Nikola Tesla used to construct models of his machines in his mind before he built the actual thing.

Notice which type of visualization is easiest for you and practice with both until you can visualize both remembered and imagined objects with the same ease.

How do these powerful visualization techniques work with the Law of Attraction?

Think of what you want, what you desire in your life. Visualize it clearly in your mind. Feel yourself experiencing it.

If you want a beach vacation, see yourself looking out over the waves. Feel the sun on your skin and the sand beneath your feet. Put yourself there in your mind. Add in whatever details you desire. Bring the scene to life in your visualization.

Then ask yourself how you can create it in your life. Take action to bring it to life.

Visualization is an acquired skill. The more you practice, the easier it gets. When you first start, your mind may fight against you. If this happens, just relax and redirect it where you want it to go.

These powerful visualization techniques, when practiced regularly, will dramatically increase your ability to focus and concentrate. They also help you take control of your mind while improving your skills and confidence. And, as your ability to visualize what you want grows, it will become easier than ever to manifest the life of your dreams.

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