Most Powerful Visualization Technique – Visualization Secrets Part One


If you feel stuck in your visualization practice, then try this most powerful visualization technique to create the life you want. This article is part one in a series of visualization secrets the help you to unlock the power of your subconscious mind by putting it to work for you to visualize and manifest your desires.

A Powerful Visualization Technique

In order to manifest anything, you first need a clear idea of what you want. Suppose you wanted to create a chair, not just any chair, but a special chair.

First, you would get an idea in your mind of what you wanted the chair to look like. If you weren’t sure, you might look at other chairs and perhaps take different parts of them to form an image of the chair that you want. Once you have this clear image, you’ve completed the basic step in visualization.

Three Channels of Manifestation

This is where a lot of people get stuck because from here, the possibilities multiply. There are multitudes of ways that you can manifest the chair, but when narrowed down, you have three main avenues. You can be given the chair, purchase the chair or make the chair.

Gifts Given

Gifts are wonderful to receive, but this is only one of the ways that the Universe manifests your desires. When you focus on having someone or something else give you what you want, you are also handing over your own personal power. You begin to look outside yourself for what you need which can lead to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

This is also one reason why it can be hard to believe that you will receive what you want because the outcome is not dependant on you but on someone and something else.

The majority of things that are manifested fall into the final two categories. You either purchase them through an exchange of value – either money, trade or time or they are created.

Purchase or Exchange of Value

To purchase the chair, you keep the image of the chair in your mind while looking for places that sold similar chairs. You may look online or go to a store and search until you found it, then exchange something of value to purchase it.


Most of the things people desire usually fall into the final category – they are created. They include such diverse things as loving relationships, successful businesses, a fulfilled life, and improved health. This is good news, because if these things are created, then you have the power to create them.

Once you have visualized what you want, then how do you create it? Here’s where you use the most powerful visualization technique by using your visualization skills to bring your desires into reality.

powerful visualization technique

Creative Visualization

Simply continue visualizing, but this time use creative visualization. Once you have a clear picture of the chair you want, you have created an imagined image. With creative visualization, you ask your mind to create that image in your current reality.

For example, to build the chair, you keep the image of the chair in your mind while looking for the materials and tools needed to create it. Ask yourself what tools and materials do I need? Notice what comes to mind. Think about what you need and how you would use the supplies. Allow your mind to do the heavy lifting.

Process It, Plan and Watch for Synchronicities

In today’s fast-paced world, taking the time to think and plan can be a luxury. It’s easier to just grab the first thing that comes along, struggle with it, rush through it and watch it collapse. Then wonder why it didn’t work, blame yourself or tell yourself that you will never get what you want when you just didn’t give yourself the chance.

In order to create what you truly want, visualize how you could do it. Think of the steps needed to get there. See yourself taking each step.

If you did not already have the skills to build a chair, you may need to learn about building chairs and practice. Perhaps you have the skill set to build the frame but need to hire someone else to upholster it. For each step of the project, first, think of what you need to do. Then consider the best way to do it. Discard any ideas that don’t work and complete that step.

By visualizing each step before you take it, you sort through the possibilities and test out your ideas first. Once your mind has a clear view of where you want to go, it will start to show you other options and new ideas. This is where the synchronicities begin to appear. You start to notice things and get new insights. New paths and possibilities open up.

Take Action

Just don’t forget to take action. Creative visualization will only take you so far. It works together with action to not only create what you want but to also teach your mind what works for you and what doesn’t.

This is especially true when trying something that is new territory for you. To create something new, you must also learn, change and grow. Part of learning is discovering what works and what doesn’t.

If something doesn’t work, simply examine it and ask yourself why it didn’t work and what else you could try that would work.

Notice how your mind works. Allow yourself to think about it and see how your mind works. You may notice that you run through different scenarios in your mind – this is creative visualization at its best.

With practice, you’ll soon be able to determine the most effective ways to not only manifest but truly create the life you desire. With this powerful visualization technique, you become once more in control of your destiny. Instead of depending on something outside of yourself to give you what you want, you’ll hold the keys to creating it yourself.

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