5 Step Law of Attraction Success Formula for Entrepreneurs


Is there an easy way to put the Law of Attraction to work for entrepreneurs? Try this 5 Step Law of Attraction Success Formula to create success in any endeavor.

#1 – Determine What You Want

What do you want your business to look like in 5 years? Write it down with details. Make it as concrete and tangible as possible so that you will be able to clearly know when it is manifested.

Perhaps you want to start a restaurant. What would the menu be? What size of a restaurant, something small or large? Casual or fine dining? Write down as many details as you can think of.

#2 – Connect with the Universal Flow

The Universe is a creative force. By raising your vibration to match how you want to feel and become, you bring yourself into alignment with the Universal Flow. Now that you know what you want your business to look like, focus on why you desire to bring it into being.

#3 – Connect With Your Vision

What is your why? Your purpose for the business? Create a vision statement that answers the following questions.

  1. What value are you creating to bring into the world?
  2. Who are you helping? Who is your customer or client?
  3. How are you helping them and what problems does your business solve for them?

Perhaps you want to start a small, organic food café. Your vision statement may be something like this:  *Providing locally sourced delicious, nutritious fast food for health-minded people on the go.

law of attraction success formula

#4 – Visualize How You Will Get There

Create a Game Plan

(1) How will you solve this need?

*Creating a restaurant with dining space, drive-through, and fast delivery options.

(2) What are the steps you would take to get there?

*Visualize the end result. Visualize yourself experiencing the success you desire.

Look Back From The Future

Allow this future you to look back over the steps you took to get there.

Take note of the waypoints or major turning points along the way.

Notice the smaller steps that led to these turning points.

Write down the steps that lead to your end result.

#5 – Take Action

Take action. Then take more action. Move forward with your plan but be open to new ideas and options as they appear.

Keep your purpose and end result in mind. Your Game Plan is just a map to get there. Aim for the main waypoints but allow yourself to explore a bit on the journey.

When Things Go Wrong

If you find yourself hitting a dead end, step back for a moment and regroup.

Think of what you are trying to accomplish – the main goal. Is there another way to get there? Are you going in the right direction? Or is this just a hurdle that will take some effort to overcome?

Are you in line with your vision statement? Do you need to get in line with it or change it? Focus on your purpose and your end goal. All roads lead to Rome. There may be a better way to get there.

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Moving Forward – Building Onto the Law of Attraction Success Formula

A successful business grows and changes over time. Celebrate both your success and your difficulties. Remember, it’s all feedback.

What do you enjoy the most? What areas are most successful?

Be open to other needs of your customers. What other problems do they experience? Are there additional solutions you can provide?

Over time, you may increase your offers or change your vision statement.

Perhaps many of your customers have also expressed an interest in finding locally sourced produce to cook at home. Others, inspired by your menu offerings have asked for recipes or cooking tips.

After studying the pros and cons, you decide to add a small market to the restaurant when people can buy fresh, locally sourced produce and offer cooking classes in whole food cooking.

Keep Your Options Open

Be flexible and open to possibilities. As you connect with your vision and align yourself with the vibration of success, new opportunities will begin to appear.

Avenues that you had never dreamed of suddenly become possible. New ideas and inspiring challenges come into view.

By following this 5 Step Law of Attraction Success Formula with each new endeavor, you will continue to build on your own success while creating the business you’ve always wanted.

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