How to Increase Your Manifesting Power


Are you looking for ways to ramp up your Law of Attraction practice? Here’s how to increase your manifesting power in order to attract and manifest what you desire.

How to Increase Your Manifesting Power

Here are some easy steps you can take to increase your manifesting power. You not only need to be clear on what you wish to manifest, you also need to be clear in your surroundings, your emotions, and your mind.

Your Surroundings

First, look around you. Your surroundings can either bring you peace or drain your energy. Clean your house, straighten up and organize your surroundings.

Clear out the clutter, fix or get rid of anything that is broken or damaged. If you have things that you no longer want or use give them away to charity.

Lighten your load. Let go of any old pain or bad memories. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. You cannot change the past. It’s over and done. Let it go.

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Your Emotions

Live your life in the present. Accept what is and where you are now.

Don’t waste your time resisting your present situation. Instead, use that energy to create what you want your life to become.

Calm your mind and learn to relax. Practice meditation to learn to detach from your thoughts so that you can become aware of your own beliefs and thought patterns.

Get to know yourself. Manage your mind. Learn to change your thoughts from negative to positive.

Train your mind to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Become aware of your patterns. Develop the habits and skills needed to create what you desire.

Your Mind

Strengthen your visualization skills. Create a clearer image of what you want in your mind. Make it detailed and comfortable. Imagine yourself inside the image as if you are actually living it. Now add motion to the image. Experience yourself enjoying having what you desire.

Practice this visualization until you are able to hold this image in your mind for several minutes. Embrace positive emotions like joy, gratitude, happiness, and love. These emotions carry a higher emotional vibration and make it easier to attract similar high vibration things into your life.

Take inspired actions. Connect with your feelings and your own intuition. Follow your heart and not just your head.

Be open to what the universe has to offer. When you decide what you wish to manifest, always be open to what you desire or something better.

Take inspired actions then let go and let the universe finish the job. The law of attraction works best when you create a clear connection between yourself and what you desire.

By clearing out old items and beliefs, raising your emotional vibration and learning to manage your mind you can greatly increase your manifesting power.

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