How To Visualize What You Want (And Get It)


If you’re looking to manifest something in your life, one of the most important steps is to visualize what you want. So, how do you do visualize? Is it really just as simple as thinking about what you want? Almost, but there’s a bit more to it than that. If you’re new to visualization or you’ve tried it before but it just didn’t seem to work, then check out these 12 quick steps for how to visualize what you want (and get it!)

How To Visualize with the Law of Attraction

#1 – Relax

Before you start to visualize, relax. Turn off the television or other distractions. Find a quiet place where you can relax and take a few moments for yourself.

When you visualize, you are using those images to communicate with your subconscious mind. It’s easier to do when you are in a relaxed, meditative state of mind.

#2 – Visualize What You Want

What is Visualization

Visualization is just forming pictures in your mind. It’s something everyone does automatically even when you don’t realize that you’re doing it.

For example, what color is your car? In order to answer that question, your mind will flash an image of your car through your thoughts and take note of the color.

Sometimes, the image flashes through your mind so fast that you don’t realize it. However, if you try it again and experiment with other objects, you’ll start to notice it.

Two Types of Images

There are two types of images: remembered and imagined. When you thought of your car, your mind retrieved a remembered image.

Now imagine your car with wings. The image changes – this time to an imagined image.

Both types of images are useful for visualizing what you want.

Add Detail

Decide on what you want and get a detailed image in your mind.

For example: if you want to lose weight and be healthy, imagine an image of yourself at your ideal weight, looking happy and healthy. Add more details – perhaps a sexy new outfit or finally fitting into a favorite pair of jeans.

how to visualize what you want

#3 – See the Image on a Screen In Front Of You

Place the image of yourself onto a movie screen in front of you. Imagine that you are looking at it from a distance. Make any changes to the image that you want until you’re satisfied with the image.

#4 – Step Into The Image

Step into the image until you can feel yourself in the image, looking out through your own eyes. Fully associate with the image.

If you can see yourself in the image, then you are still looking at it from the outside. Step into the image as if you would put on a new set of clothes.

#5 – Notice Your Feelings

Once you know how to visualize the image, add feelings. Feel what it feels like to become what you have imagined. Notice how your body feels. Imagine how your clothes now fit on your slender, healthy body. Feel your strong muscles.

Notice how you feel inside. Is there any tension? Does something not seem to fit? Are you dissatisfied with the image in any way? If so, adjust the image until it feels good.

One quick note here – you may feel a little uncomfortable with the image just because it is new or something that you’ve hoped for but have not been able to manifest yet. That’s normal. It will grow more comfortable to you over time.

#6 – Add Movement

Now add movement. Imagine yourself doing something such walking along the beach in your thinner, healthier body. Feel the sunlight on your skin, hear the waves on the shore. Notice the admiring glances of other people as you walk by.

Play out a scene of yourself experiencing exactly what you wish to manifest as if you have already received it. Feel what it feels like to have it. Do the things you would do if you had what you desired.

#7 – Identify Supportive Behaviors

While you are in your scene, think of the behaviors that support this new you.

Using the weight loss and health example, think of what a thin, healthy person does to stay thin and healthy, such as eating healthier food and exercising.

Imagine yourself doing these things. Add them to your visualization. While these behaviors may be different from what you currently do, just rehearse them in your mind until they feel comfortable.

As an added bonus, visualize yourself doing them and enjoying it. Think of eating the large healthy salad and savoring every bite. Taste the crisp, cool lettuce and creamy salad dressing.

Imagine yourself doing a fun type of exercise. Enjoy the feeling of your strong and toned muscles while you pursue enjoyable activities.

#8 – Imagine the Steps You Took To Manifest What You Desired

While staying fully associated with the image, imagine the future you looking back at the steps you took to get what you manifest.

See what changes you had to make. Notice how you overcame obstacles. See how you were able to bring your intention into reality.

how to visualize what you want

#9 – Reaffirm Your Manifestation

While still associated, feel what your life is like now that you have manifested your dream. Intensify the feelings. Allow yourself to accept and enjoy them for several minutes. This step helps you to anchor the result in your mind.

#10 – Step Back Into The Present

Release the future image of yourself and step back into the present. You have created a new path towards manifesting your desire. Allow your mind and body a little time to absorb it.

Notice any new changes in your perspective. These are signs that you are releasing old blocks or negative thought patterns.

#11 – Incorporate New Behaviors Into Your Daily Life

Review the new behaviors that you need to develop to manifest your intention. Be willing to start adding these new behaviors into your day to day living.

Don’t worry if you feel resistant to this at first. If you continue to visualize doing the new behaviors and imagining yourself enjoying them, you will soon find yourself incorporating them into your life with a minimum of effort.

Make sure to allow yourself to make these changes. Remember, when you want to change your life, you need to change with it.

#12 – Practice Regularly

Practice visualizing regularly. Some of the best times to visualize are first thing in the morning and the last thing in the evening. If you practice visualizing just before you go to sleep, then your mind will have all night to review your intention and help to manifest it quicker.

Visualization is a skill like any other. The more you practice, the easier it gets. The key to visualization is to know what you want and feel now what it will feel like to have it later. Then take the steps you need to bring it into your reality and incorporate these new behaviors into your daily life.

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