How to Manifest Your Desires in 5 Simple Steps (Law of Attraction)


To manifest your desires, is there more to the meaning of ask, believe and receive? If you’re struggling with manifesting what you want, you may be missing two additional, crucial steps. Here’s how to manifest your desires in 5 simple steps with the Law of Attraction.

Ask, believe and receive is a fundamental part of the Law of Attraction. It’s at the heart of manifesting anything into reality. Like all great truths, it’s extremely powerful when you act on it.

But how do you act on it?

How To Manifest Your Desires

Some people seem to manifest what they want easily. Chances are, they take a few extra steps.

If you’re having trouble asking, believing and receiving what you desire, try these steps.

Step 1 – Focus

Focus your heart and mind. Decide what you want. If you’re having trouble deciding what you want, your mind and your heart are focusing on different things.

Shift your focus. Get out of your mind for a moment and focus on your heart.

What is your heart’s desire? What do you truly want? What will satisfy your heart and soul?

The heart is often overlooked.

It’s easy to focus on external things and ignore what’s truly important to you.

When you focus on your heart first, it’s easy to get your mind in line.

Once you align both your heart and mind, you tap into the power of your subconscious.

This strong, clear focus becomes a compass that leads to manifest your desires.

Manifest Your Desires

Step 2 – Decide

Will you or won’t you? You have to decide for yourself first.

Can you accept this into your life? Will you allow it into your life? Will you make room in your life for it?

Is this something that you believe you can have?

Is this something that is worth having?

Are you worthy of having it?

Sort this out for yourself first.

Make peace with yourself and with what you want.

It may feel scary or out of your comfort zone, but that’s okay.

Making peace with yourself means you stop fighting yourself and your desire.

You make a decision that you accept your desire and allow it to be fulfilled in your life.

Step 3 – Ask

Asking is not begging. It’s not wishing or hoping.

It is speaking your desire. It is a statement that you wish to join hands with something greater than yourself.

It’s announcing a decision and becoming open to direction. It’s launching a kite into the air and allowing the wind to lift it into the sky.

Step 4 – Believe

What is belief? When you believe, you align yourself with the Universe.

If you do not have what you want, you are out of alignment with your desire. Believing gives you the courage to change your direction.

Remember, your focus creates your compass. But you will never get anywhere if you don’t step forward.

If you move forward towards your desires, with passion and commitment, you will attract what you need to get there. If you move away from your desires, your desires will move away from you.

The universe is on your side. It is not judging you. Instead, it is following your lead.

believe and receive

Step 5 – Receive

There is more to receiving than just receiving your desire. When you move forward believing, you will begin to receive many different things.

You will receive direction. Old doorways will suddenly close. New pathways or opportunities will appear.

You will receive changes. Things that used to work will suddenly stop working. Comfortable routines may fall apart. You may have to change your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Part of receiving is receiving challenges. You will have to learn new things. Find new solutions. Stretch outside your comfort zone. Accomplish things you never believed were possible.

You will receive choices. What is your next best step? Which direction do you want to take? What do you want to do?

You will receive instruction. It can come from anywhere. You may overhear a conversation or stumble upon a book or article. You may have a dream or a sudden burst of inspiration.

The direction is there. Only you can decide if you will receive it, or not.

All of these things are part of your manifestation. They are all connected. They all lead you to your desire.

Simply keep your focus, hold fast to your decision, speak your desire and act on your believing until you receive and manifest your desires.

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