How to Let Go Without Giving Up – Manifesting With The Law of Attraction


Learning how to let go and detach is an important key to manifesting with the Law of Attraction. But how can you manifest what you want if you have to let go of it? Is letting go the same as giving up? To learn how to let go without giving up on your dreams, try the following exercise.

Here’s How to Let Go (Without Giving Up)

Imagine what you desire. For example, imagine an apple on the table in front of you. You’re hungry and you really want that apple.

Pick it up and hold it very tightly. Grab hold with your hand and hang on. Think of how much you want it and tighten your grip.

Keep Holding On

Notice how you feel in your body. Notice the tension in your muscles. Notice the muscles in your hand and arm. Are your shoulders hunched? Do you feel a tension in your stomach?

What about your face? Are your eyes narrowed, teeth clenched?

Keeping your hand clenched tightly, do a quick scan of your body from head to toe. Notice any other feelings.

Still holding on tightly, change your focus to how you feel emotionally. Think of how much you really want it and notice how you feel inside.

What thoughts go through your mind? Do you feel confident that you have it or are you afraid that it will slip away?

Is someone else going to come by and try to take it away? Do you feel at peace or are you struggling to hold on?

Now, just let go.

Notice How It Feels

Open your hand and let it go. Notice how you feel in your hand and arm.

Notice how the muscles relax in your face and shoulders. Notice the sensation of relaxation spread through your body.

How do you feel emotionally? Relieved? At peace? Aware of this present moment? Has your perspective changed?

Notice how the desire is still there, but your own personal focus has shifted back to you and yourself.

how to let go

Letting Go

The object of your desire may be right in front of you, but is no longer consuming you. You’ve emotionally and physically detached from it. You can reach for it if you want to, but the desperate need and struggle is gone.

It’s not about winning a battle through sheer willpower. Fighting, holding on and struggling simply makes it feel further away.

By letting go, you let go of the struggle.

The struggle is not with the object of your desires. The struggle is with yourself.

By holding on too tightly with desperation, you are reinforcing your own belief that you can’t have what you want. Otherwise, why would you need to hang on so tightly that it can’t get away?

Your focus is on what can go wrong and all the difficulties in holding it. It feels bad in your body, thoughts, and emotions.

When you let go, you are simply letting go of the worry and fear surrounding it.

What You Desire Is Still There

The apple is still on the table. The apple is not causing the battle within yourself (though wanting it may have triggered your beliefs around the desire.)

Once you let go, you allow yourself to consciously decide how you want to think or feel about the object.

You can notice old negative beliefs, but they are not in control of your choices. You are at peace without it.

Taking Back Your Peace

Once you are at peace without it, you are also able to now take it a step further and become at peace with the possibility of having it.

When you’re hanging on, you’re fighting against your beliefs that you can’t have it. When you let go, you let go of those beliefs.

Pick up the apple again. This time, just hold it and take a bite. It’s the same apple, but much easier to eat.

You still have to take the steps towards what you want. You’ve just let go of the baggage and struggle surrounding how you think and feel about it.

When learning how to let go, keep in mind that you’re letting go of the struggle without giving up on your dream.

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