How to Be More Confident and Create Your Best Self


Do you want more confidence? Are you tired of feeling held back by your own insecurities? Try these tips to learn how to be more confident and create your best self.

How to Be More Confident

Start Simple

Here are a few easy ways to boost your confidence quickly.

Stand in front of a mirror and take a look at yourself. The simplest way to feel confident is to improve your appearance.

Take a shower. Style your hair. Get dressed in your nicer clothes. You know – the ones in the back of your closet that you pass over on the way to your worn out comfort clothes.

Get dressed so that you look your best. When you know that you look good, you start to feel good.

Get Physical

Take care of yourself physically. Your body and your mind work together.

If you feel bad physically, it will affect how you feel mentally and emotionally as well.

When you take care of yourself physically, you signal to your mind and emotions that you are valuable. You show yourself that you deserve time and attention.


Get the amount of sleep you need to feel rested and alert with enough energy to take on your day. Your sleep needs can change over time and even daily. If you find yourself nodding off watching television, listen to your body and get some sleep.


Make time for exercise. A regular exercise routine improves your health. It also helps you to feel better both mentally and emotionally.


A simple smile relaxes your face and body and increases your optimism. When you smile, it’s easier to remember that everything will be all right. You can handle whatever comes up.

Notice Your Posture

Try a quick exercise. Slump over, cross your arms and look down at the ground. How do you feel?

Now, sit or stand up straight. Put your shoulders back and smile. Now, how do you feel?

When you change how you hold your body, you change your feelings.

For a quick boost of confidence, try the superhero stance. Stand up straight. Put your hands on your hips with your shoulders back and elbows out. Raise your head high and expand your chest. Hold this position for at least 60 seconds. Feel the confidence flow through you.

how to be more confident

Get To Know Yourself

Listen to your self-talk. Is it positive or negative? Identify any negative patterns and start to change them. Let the negative thoughts go and replace them with positive thoughts.

Get to know your values. Pay attention to what is important to you. Think of the person you want to be. Notice those qualities. Practice developing those qualities in your life.

Be grateful for your good qualities. Focus on your strengths. The more you focus on something, the more it will increase. And your self-confidence will increase with it.

Make time to have fun and enjoy your life. Do at least one thing each day that allows you to relax, be yourself and enjoy living. The more you enjoy and love your life, the more your confidence will naturally grow.

Confidence Hacks

Confidence is something that you develop. It comes as a result of how you think, act and feel. If you want more confidence, you can create it.

Fake It Till You Make It

For anything that you want to do, you learn how to do it by doing it. How do you think a confident person would think, walk or act? Act it out.

It may feel uncomfortable at first. That’s a part of learning. Keep going until it becomes comfortable to you.

Prepare Yourself

Think of what you want to do. Plan and prepare for it. Get your questions together, study, get your answers.

Think of how to do it. Visualize it. Mentally rehearse your actions. Get in front of a mirror and physically rehearse. Do you look confident? Do you feel confident? Put it together for yourself, first. Then you can move forward with confidence.

Increase Your Competence

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. If it’s important to you, put in the time and effort to learn, understand and grow. As you develop your skills and knowledge, you will build self-confidence.

Small Wins

Have a defined goal, but focus on the small wins. Set small goals that you can easily achieve. Use these achievements to build your momentum.

Give yourself credit. Enjoy and appreciate each win, no matter how small it may be. Remember, what you focus on and celebrate, you will get more of and build your confidence with each step.

Do What You’re Good At

Above all, do the things you are good at. Don’t take them for granted. Embrace and enjoy your skills and talents. It’s an easy and enjoyable way of building your self-confidence and creating your best self.


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