Easiest Law of Attraction Technique Ever


Are you looking for an easy way to use the Law of Attraction to start manifesting your dream life quickly? Here’s the easiest Law of Attraction technique ever.

Practicing the Law of Attraction doesn’t have to be a complicated struggle. It’s actually a lot easier if you make it fun.

The Law of Attraction operates on the principle that like attracts like. In order to get what you want, you need to think, feel and act in ways that match what you desire.

The Easiest Law of Attraction Technique Ever

If it sounds too complicated then let’s make it even easier. Here’s the secret – be happy now.

Think about what you want. Maybe you want a lot of money or a great relationship or improved health.

Why do you really want it? Because of how you believe it would make you feel to get it.

How would you feel when you get it? Happy.

In order to attract the things that will bring you happiness, you need to be happy now.

It sounds too simple because we like to make things hard. You attract what you feel. If you want to feel good later, do what you can to feel good now.

As adults, we tend to get too serious. We start to listen to the nagging voice in our heads that tells us that fun and happiness is for children. Adults must work hard and suffer to earn happiness. As if happiness is some sort of reward. Turn off the nagging voice.

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Be happy now.

You’re an adult. It’s allowed. Take time for fun. Do things you enjoy. Spend time with people you love. Get outside, breathe the fresh air or move your muscles.

Go out and do something you haven’t done in a long time or try something new and different. Make a list of things that you enjoy and do at least one enjoyable thing each day.

It doesn’t have to be something big. Enjoy the little pleasures, too.

Just Breathe

If you’re having a hard time thinking of anything, make it even easier. Just stop for a moment and breathe.

Focus on your five senses. Look around you right now. Look for at least one pleasant thing to look at. Perhaps it’s the sunlight through the trees or the face of someone you love. Maybe it’s your pet or some object that you enjoy.

Just relax and enjoy watching it for a moment. Listen to the sounds around you. Notice what you hear. Listen to the clock ticking or the hum of the fan. Perhaps you hear birds in the trees or a persistent cat reminding you that it’s time to be fed.

Notice what you feel. Feel the sunlight on your face, your clothes against your skin and the smoothness of your desk or table. Notice the warmth of a loved one’s hand. Notice what you taste and smell. Eat a slice of a crisp bread, smell the fresh cut grass.

Allow yourself to experience your life in the moments you live it. It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to feel and breathe and enjoy every second of your experience right here and right now.

Enjoy this present moment. It’s the quickest and easiest Law of Attraction technique there is. Simply be happy now so that you will continue to attract happiness in the future. Be happy now.

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