Do Vision Boards Work? Visualization and the Law of Attraction


Do vision boards work? Vision boards, or dream boards as some call them, are a major tool in the Law of Attraction toolbox. But do they really work?

What Is A Vision Board?

First, what is a vision board? A vision board is a group of images, words, and objects placed together where they can be seen on a regular basis. These items represent your top goals or desires.

The purpose of a vision board is to focus on the items and visualize having them come into your life. As a result, what you hope for should soon appear.

But does it? For some people, it does with incredible accuracy. For other people, it doesn’t.

When Do Vision Boards Work?

What’s the difference? When do vision boards work? Vision boards work when they are specific.

By taking the time to get specific and focused on what you want, you greatly increase your chances of getting it. Without a specific goal, how would you know if you got it or not? When you can visualize the end result, you can plan the steps needed to get there.

Once you are able to see that obtaining it is possible, it’s easier to believe that you can achieve it. Once you realize that you can achieve it, viewing the board regularly helps to motivate you and strengthen your emotional connection to your goal.

When Does A Vision Board Not Work?

When does a vision board not work? When there are too many goals. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Or if looking at the board just reminds you of what you don’t have. If looking at the board makes you feel bad, it’s not helping you get what you want.

You may get too focused on a specific item or goal and believe it’s your only option or there’s only one way to get there. If you hold too tightly, you may miss better choices or opportunities.

Many times, obtaining your desires requires you to change yourself. This can seem hard and scary. It can be a necessary learning curve in order to become the person who can live the life you desire.

Some people use vision boards as an unreachable fun fantasy list. They are wishing for something they don’t believe that they can obtain. While this can be fun, such as dreaming of marrying a movie star, if you don’t travel in the same social circles this may just be a pleasant daydream.

do vision boards work

How to Make Your Vision Board Work?

A good vision board shows you images of what you hope to attain. To make it work, focus on the steps, skills, and possibilities of attaining your goals. Focus on the action steps needed to get there, including using and developing the skills and knowledge required.

Be Willing to Make Personal Changes

Chances are, to get what you want, you will need to make a change in your current lifestyle and habits. You will also need to learn and do new things.

Think of potential obstacles and focus on ways to overcome them. Remember that obstacles are just part of the process of obtaining your goals. Look at them as feedback and opportunities to explore new possibilities.

Notice any resistance you may feel to your goals. Resistance helps you to pinpoint issues that may need healing, additional work or effort.

Many times these are the issues that you must resolve in order to move to the next level. When they come up, accept them as not only an opportunity for growth but also as a springboard that can clear the way to an easier road up ahead.

Inspiration and Motivation

Most importantly, use the images from the board to motivate you to continue when times get tough.

Vision boards are just tools. It depends on how you use them. If looking at them makes you feel bad or feel discouraged in your progress, then take them down or try looking at them in a different way.

If it’s something that you really desire and want to work towards, use it as a destination point on your map. Plan your steps and progress.

Look at your vision board just as a reminder that the destination is in sight. Keep on going and stay on course. Before you know it, you’ll be there.

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