Change Your Frequency to Create Your Reality – Using Vibrational Alignment


How do you get into vibrational alignment if you’ve never experienced what you wish to manifest? Where would you start to change your frequency to create your reality? Here’s how to activate the Law of Attraction with Vibrational Alignment.

What Do You Want?

If you are trying to manifest something that you’ve never experienced, you have to first determine what vibration or frequency you want to match.

Suppose you want to lose weight, but you’ve always had a weight problem. Imagine what your ideal body would look and feel like. Do you want to be strong and muscular, or toned and flexible? Do you want to feel healthy, energetic or free from pain? (Or all of the above?)

What are your emotional goals behind the weight loss? Do you want to be more attractive or feel more in control of your life? Are you tired of a lingering health problem and want healing and peace?

Each of these possibilities has its own vibration. To activate the Law of Attraction, you must first decide what you want. This tells the Universe which vibration you want to match.

Expand Your Awareness

Once you know what you want, the next step is to look for other people that are currently living and experiencing that vibration.

Notice what they do, how they do it and find out why they do it. Look for several different examples – several different people who each seem to flow in the same frequency.

Ask the Universe for assistance and be open to receiving unexpected answers.

If you want the strong, muscular body of a weightlifter, study other weightlifters. How do they train? What do they eat? How do they think about health and working out?

Read blogs, watch videos and gather information. You will quickly start to notice reoccurring patterns, beliefs and behaviors that they share.

These patterns, beliefs, and behaviors are the frequency of being a weightlifter.

Notice when you walk into a gym. It feels different than walking into a bank or a grocery store.

The energy or frequency of a place is similar to the energy or frequency of a group of people.

Once you are familiar with the general mindset and behaviors of others that have the type of body that you want, you’ve identified the frequency that you want to match.



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How do you match it?

You’ve already started. Simply take the new information that you have learned and start to incorporate it into your life.

To have the body of a weightlifter, you have to think, eat and work out like a weightlifter.

If you don’t look like a weightlifter now, chances are you’re not thinking, eating or working out like one.

Change Your Frequency

Changing your frequency starts first in your mind.

By studying others with the same frequency, you are giving your subconscious mind the information it needs to get you in vibrational alignment with your new goal.

Now, visualize yourself being a weightlifter.

What would your day look like? What would you eat? How would you think?

What choices and decisions would you make to maintain the body, health, and mindset of a weightlifter?

Create Your Reality

To fully align with the vibration of what you want, you have to bring your physical vibration in line with your mental frequency.

If you’re only thinking about it, but not acting on it, you’re in conflict with yourself. When you’re in conflict with yourself, you attract other conflicted frequencies.

To get into vibrational alignment and change your frequency, you have to match your physical, mental and emotional vibration with your goal.

It may seem hard at first. You may struggle and slip back into old habits.

You Are Not Your Old Habits

Those old habits are just the old frequencies pulling you back to where you used to be. You create your reality with every decision, belief and step you take.

Get back up, align your mind and thoughts with where you want to go.

Take action. Take the next best step to make your dream your reality.

Live your life in a way that will maintain the reality that you wish to create.

You change your frequency by being your goal.

And then one day, you’ll look up and realize that you’re already there.

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