At Manifestation Pathways, our focus is on learning to use the mind, working together with the body, spirit, and emotions to create health, wealth, abundance and healthy relationships in both our own lives and the lives of others.

So many times, we find ourselves following the wrong direction in our life. We may follow where we think we should be going, or where someone else wanted us to go.

But our true journeys begin when we follow our own hearts.

We are each here, with different talents, hopes, and dreams. We believe that those desires, your true hearts desires, are the road signs that can lead you to a life of fullness, joy and wondrous contribution to this big, beautiful world.

While we are all following our own paths, this site is full of tips that can help you reach any destination.

They are all just notes from the road, thoughts, and ideas to make the journey easier and help to lighten the load.

It’s great to have you along on the journey!